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Illuminate the Unseen

The power of creativity. As a team of creatives made up of copywriters, illustrators, designers, video editors, karaoke extraordinaires (okay, maybe that’s a stretch), we pride ourselves in our abilities to take an idea and bring the wow! Whether your idea starts on a bar napkin on a Friday night, or is a product of […]

Your Spark. Our Focus. Brilliant Results

#513 In the city of Cincinnati, filled with creative energy and different mediums of advertising, we find ourselves just one of the many talented agencies helping companies capture their spark.  In a city full of diverse talent, how do you find the right partner to help you take your idea to the next level? It […]

They’re More Like Guidelines

“Critique: evaluate in a detailed and analytical way” – Lexico/Oxford Critique. This can be a scary word to most people who are not accustomed to this review process.  As a Video Editor, critiques are part of my daily life at work.  Sitting through a critique means having your work analyzed and broken down in front of you […]


Well, I managed to survive “Move In Day” at Elon University in North Carolina.  My daughter is a newly-minted member of the Freshman Class.  Her graduation in 2023 seems a long way off.  Until it seems like it’s almost here.  Welcome to the life of a College Dad. Elon gave every new College Parent an interesting task to do […]

What Creatively Inspires You?

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams What creatively inspires you? That’s the question today. Working in media, it’s common to find ourselves constantly creating to a point where we may feel like our creative “tank” is running low.  Have you ever found yourself just staring at a screen, hoping that […]


How did I end up crammed in the back of a pickup truck with fourteen other people, traversing the mountainous Guatemalan countryside?  Or miles deep in the forest, following locals to a natural spring?  Or how about the market of Momostenango – overwhelmed by vibrant colors, food, and aromas?  Last February, the team and I […]


In what sounds like the opening line of a joke, one has to ask: “Which is harder to accomplish – flying to the moon and back, or putting on a Woodstock 50thAnniversary concert? Incredibly, while The Eaglelanded on the moon, “Woodstock 50” failed to get off the ground. Plenty of finger-pointing and paperwork filed in court, […]

Graduation and Innovation

Last week, my daughter graduated from Cincinnati Country Day High Schooland began a new chapter.  Which means I’m beginning a new chapter as well, becoming the father of a college student. As the Chief Creative Officer (and Chief Storyteller) at Upstream 360, I feel like I’m prepared, because embracing change and being nimble and agile enough to […]


Most digital venues are walking around with their heads down these days.  And for good reason. Make that plural. Reasons. Offensive videos, inaccurate measures of audience, less-than-transparent standards around the use of influencers, bots, and social-media accounts, to name a few. P&G’s Chief Brand Officer made headlines recently for urging advertisers to demand better quality of content and […]


When it comes to things people fear most, surveys continue to show “fear of public speaking” at the top of the list.  Incredibly, our fear of standing up in front of a group and talking is so great, that (in surveys at least), we fear it even more than death! Does that mean if you go […]