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If you haven’t heard the term “spluff” yet…you will.

When Upstream was tasked with creating a multi-faceted campaign for our friends at Comfort Zone, we went above and beyond to bring a unique kind of innovation to life – and people are responding to it. Instead of stopping at personas, style guides, and the other basics of any well-rounded brand toolkit, we took it […]

Our Neighbors in Need

It’s a beautiful thing to walk through the front door at Operation Give Back in full swing. Volunteers breeze through the hallways with a smile, kids of all ages laugh and joke as they unpack their homework, the owner of Buckabee Brownies shows up with a surprise treat, and the facility is buzzing with warmth […]

Cincinnati Catering MVP’s

As office manager, it’s my job to make sure my people have everything they need to kick ass at Upstream. Almost every day, we play host to groups who come here for brainstorm sessions, production shoots, and everything in between. Our employees, freelancers, and clients are always hustling – and the last thing anyone should […]

Dog Friendly Offices are Trending

As someone with experience working in the pet care industry, I’ve seen first-hand how difficult it is to own a dog while being a high-functioning member of the workforce.  We work long hours and are constantly busy, jumping from one project to the next with few breaks in between.  Dogs are major time commitments, demanding […]